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Additional exam session for Master's courses

  • ITEM: This is a third exam session that allows students who are in the final stages of their courses during a given academic year to take exams for additional subjects on payment of the corresponding fees.

Implementation course: 2019-20  


Application procedure


The interested party or the authorized person on presentation of the necessary identification.


At the Secretary's Office of the Faculty/School where they are carrying out their studies.


From the day on which their registration is completed until 30 November.
For first-semester subjects: from 5 to 24 February.



None. However, if the procedure is authorised and formalised, students must pay the full registration fee for each additional subject taken in the third additional exam session.


  • Students who cannot submit the application in person may do so via the online administrative procedures on the URV's intranet.

  • Student who are finishing their courses during the current academic year may apply to take additional subjects in the third additional exam session. The term 'students who are finishing their courses' refers to students who need to complete up to 9 credits in order to finish their degrees (not including credits corresponding to the Master's and Practicals' Final projects).

  • Depending on the period in which the subjects are taught, additional exam sessions will take place during the following periods, at the discretion of the faculty/school, which must inform the relevant competent vice-rector:
    - December
    - January
    - May
    - June


Resolution of the application


The Head of the Secretariat. 


Applications presented up to 30 November must be dealt with by 15 December at the latest.
Applications presented up to 1 February must be dealt with by 1 April at the latest.


The outcome of the applications will be published on the notice board and, if appropriate, added to the student's academic transcript. Unsuccessful applications will be communicated directly to the student.


In addition to the resgistration fee, the student must pay the examination fee for the chosen subjects. Independently of whether a student takes all of the exams for which he/she has registered, no fees will be returned.
If any fees are generated by the corresponding modifications to the special February session, students will receive an invoice which they must pay at the bank.