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The Registration receipt

The registration receipt is the PDF document that you get once you complete the Online registration.

Remember that it is a proof that you are registered for the current year. You have to save it for having a copy, print it and sign to deliver it to the secretariat of your centre. Within the 5 days after the registration's day you can access again to the Online registration site and print the receipt, but after these 5 days you won't be able to do it, so we recommend you to save a copy.

In the registration receipt there are the items in which you are registered (thesis tutorials and, if appropriate, the credits of the bridging courses), the fees of other items related with registration, payment terms, the discounts, the total amount and legal information.

There are different types of receipts, depending on the chosen method of payment:

  • Direct debit

Your receipt is for information purposes only and notifies you the payment due.

  • Cash receipt

It generates a receipt with a bar code. You have to do the payment in person, going to any of the indicated bank office or doing the payment by on-line bank or electronic bank; you have the necessary bank details to do it (issuing bank, reference, identification and amount) at the bar code at the bottom of the regeistration receipt.  Then you have to submit the paper sealed or the payment proof to the secretariat od your centre.

  • Credit/debit card

You have to pay on-line at the moment of registration stating the card number and the expiry date.

For those students who formalize the registration abroad it is the recommended system.