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Registering for Thesis Tutorials (second and subsequent years)

  • ITEM: this is the procedd for completing the thesis tutorials registration process for doctoral students who have registered during the previous academic year for thesis tutorials and continuing with their doctoral theses.

Application procedure


Doctoral students who have registered for the preivous academic year, who want to continue writing their doctoral theses and who have:

  • Registered their doctoral thesis

  • Provided documentary proof that they have been positively evaluated by academic committee (for programmes governed by Royal Degree 99/2011)


Through the Online registration system


  • From the 15th to the 30th September 2016 (doctoral students evaluated favorably in 1st call).

  • From the 1st to the 15th October 2016 (doctoral students evaluated favorably in 2nd call).


If doctoral students become eligible for an exemption or deduction from their registration fees for which they were not elegible during the previous academic year, then they must send the following to the Academic Management Service:

  • The document that demonstrates that they are elegible for an exemption or deduction from their registration fees.


Doctoral students who were registered for the previous academic year who have not defended their theses will receive an email (the 1st half of September) sent to their URV email accounts informing them about the registration process.

Resolution of the application


The student


After completing the online registration process.


By printing off and verifying the receipt of thesis tutorials registration that will be obtained (in PDF format) when they complete the online registration process.

The registration fees will be debited from to the bank account provided by the doctoral student.


  • Once the registration process has been completed, students have the right to use the resources needed to carry out their research and all the rights of participation corresponding to doctoral students.

  • Doctoral students must use the online registration system to complete the registration process for thesis tutorials each academic year and within the period established by the URV until the they have defended their theses.

  • Doctoral students who are following courses that are governed by Royal Decree 99/2011 must take into account the duration of their studies:

    • 3 years full-time (FT)

    • 5 years to part-time (PT).

If candidates don't enroll and don't apply the temporary leave of absence, they will be permanently suspended from the doctoral programme.

Ending the process


The doctoral student.


From 6 days after the invoice has been issued.


By paying the amount on the registration fee receipt by direct debit form his/her bank account.