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Registering for thesis tutorials (admission academic year)

  • ITEM: This process allows candidates to formally register for thesis tutorials during their first year of admission once they have been admitted and academic committee has assigned to candidates a tutor, a thesis director and research line.

 Application procedure


Candidates who:

- Have been admitted to official doctoral studies.
- Have presented all determined documents with corresponding requirements.


  • Fisrt phase: From the 10th October and 15th Desember 2017.

  • Second phase: From 22th January until 4th April 2018.
    After 4th April until 15th June 2018, on demand of coordinator, if there are candidates for pre-register who have all documentation in keeping with requirements demand at registration time.


By the Online registration site. Anyone who meets the necessary technical requirements and has access to a computer can access in through the URV's website.

In addition to the documentation required for access to the course, candidates must provide the Academic Managment Service with:

  • Any documents that demonstrate that they are eligible for an exemption or deduction from their registration fees, should this be the case (Large family, disability...)

Admitted person will receive an email confirming that they have been admitted to official doctoral studies and requesting these documents which must be send to automatricula(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat.

Resolution of the application


The doctoral student


After completing the online registration process


By printing off and verifying the receipt of thesis tutorials registration fees that will be obtained (in PDF format) when they complete the online registration process.
The registration fees will be debited from the bank account provided by the doctoral student.
Students with non-homologated foreign qualifications must pay the tax of academic career in order to access the doctoral programme. This fee must be paid when completing the registration of thesis tutorials.


  • Once the registration process has been completed, students have the right to use the resources  needed to carry out their research and all the rights participation corresponding to doctoral students.

  • In the case of joint programmes, the agreement signed between the universities determines how to registration process must be carried out.

  • Once students have registered they will have access to the Document of Doctoral Student Activities.

  • Within a maximum period of two months after the doctoral student has completed the registration process, the academic committee must assign a doctoral thesis supervisor to him/her. This tutor will preferably be the same as the one that was assigned to him/her previously..

  • Doctoral students must take into account the duration of their studies:

    • 3 years full-time (FT)

    • 5 years to part-time (PT)

End of the procedure


The doctoral student.


From 6 days after the receipt has been issued.


By paying the amount on the registration receipt  by direct debit from his/her bank account.