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Reduction of the minimum course duration and study time for doctoral students.

  • DESCRIPTION: This process allows doctoral students who have moved to doctoral programmes governed by RD 99/2011 to request a reduction in the minimum duration of the doctoral degree to one academic year so that they can initiate the procedures for the thesis defence. 

Application procedure


Any doctoral student (or an authorized person) who has registered for a doctoral programme regulated by RD 99/2011 after having studied on a doctoral programme regulated by the previous regulations RD 185/1985, RD 778/1998, RD 56/2005, RD 1393/2007.


At the General Registry of the URV or at any of its auxiliary registries. The application must be addressed to the secretary's office of the doctoral programme coordinator's department.


Before 1 March 2016


Students must present the following documentation:

The application form addressed to the doctoral programme coordinator.

Resolution of the application


The vice-rector for scientific policy and research


Within one month of the presentation of the application.


  • The academic committee, if appropriate, will approve the application and will pass the original version of the resolution to the Postgraduate and Doctoral School.
  • The Postgraduate and Doctoral School will send the application to the Vice-Rector for Scientific Policy and Research, who will decide on the matter and notify the interested party.
  • The Postgraduate and Doctoral School will send a copy of the notification and the resolution to the tutor and supervisor of the doctoral thesis and to the academic committee.




The resolution will mean that previously completed academic years of study on the original doctoral programme can be included when the student's minimum course duration is calculated in accordance with article 11 of the academic and registration regulations governing doctoral programme. Consequently, the student only needs a pass for the doctoral programme regulated by RD 99/2011 on which he/she is currently registered. This resolution requires the student to deposit his/her thesis during the current or immediately subsequent academic year.