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Temporary medical leave of absence from the doctoral programme

  • DESCRIPTION: This procedure enables students registered on a doctoral programme governed by RD 99/2011 to take temporary medical leave from their studies for reasons of illness, pregnancy, maternity, paternity and other similar situations. 

Application procedure


The doctoral student or authorized persons on presentation necessary identification.


At the Postgraduate and Doctoral School.


 At any time



• A medical note addressed to the Postgraduate and Doctoral School  ( phd(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat ) 




  • Period: The student may remain in this situation for as long as the illness lasts or for the period allotted for pregnancy or maternity/paternity leave.

  • During the period that the student is in this situation:

    • The time allotted to the student to carry out their thesis is recalculated.

    • The student will not be required to complete the registration process if the application is presented before this has taken place. If the student has already registered, the registration fees will not be returned.

    • During the examination sessions the student will be recorded as absent due to temporary leave. 

Resolution of the application


Postgraduate and Doctoral School. 


At the latest, one month after submitting the application. 


  • The Postgraduate and Doctoral School will inform to the academic committee and to the appropriate department about the submission of the medical leave.

  • The Postgraduate and Doctoral School will update the information in the system and will send notification with the original version of the resolution to the student. 

  • The Postgraduate and Doctoral School will send a copy of the notification and the resolution to the tutor and supervisor of the doctoral thesis and to the academic committee. 


Authorized leaves of absence will not be taken into account when calculating the duration of a student's doctoral programme.