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Important instructions for new grantholders

If you have been awarded a grant to collaborate with the URV you must complete and sign the following documents:

  • These documents must scanned in pdf format and sent in a single email to bequescol(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat
    • Personal and bank details
    • Income tax form (form 145)
    • Copy of an official document containing your bank details, including the IBAN code
    • Photocopy of identity document containing tax identification number (EU citizens must include Spanish residence card (NIE) and their passport)
    • Photocopy of social security number
  • These documents must be presented in paper format in person to the Student Advisory Office. Opening hours - 9.30 to 13.30. Address - Oficina d'Orientació Universitària, Av. Catalunya, 35 (Campus Catalunya in Tarragona). These documents must be in paper format and must only be completed by grantholdes who do not have a social security number and who are not registered with the social security service

You must send the required documentation to Tere Ferrús at the Student Advisory Office (Oficina d'Orientació Universitària - OOU) on the day after you have been notified that your application for a collaboration grant has been successful.

These documents are essential for ensuring that you get paid and that you are registered with the social security service, if necessary.