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Legalization of course programmes and study plans

  • ITEM: This is the certificate provided by the competent body of the validity and authenticity of the curriculum and of the programmes of the subjects passed by the student for use abroad.

Application procedure


The interested party or the authorized person on presentation of the necessary identification.


  • The subject programmes in the form of Course Guides at the URV.
  • The curriculum followed.


When required.


In the auxiliary registry of the Secretary's Office of the Faculty/School where the studies were carried out.


By presenting the following documentation:


There will be a fee for this service.


Resolution of the application


The dean and/or director of the faculty/school.


Within a maximum of two months from the presentation of the application form.
August is not considered to be a working month.


At the Office of the Dean / the Management of the Faculty/School

  1. The course guides of the subjects passed will be compiled in Spanish.
  2. The curriculum followed will be obtained from the BOE (Official Gazette of the Spanish State), except for university master's degrees regulated by RD 56/2005, which will be obtained from the document prepared for this purpose.
  • The list of subject programmes will be bound and each page will be numbered and stamped.
  • A signed and countersigned certificate from the Dean/Head of the Faculty/School will be included to confirm that the programmes / curriculum are taught at the aforementioned faculty/school, and that these have been passed by the interested party. The number of pages in the document containing the programmes / curriculum will be specified.
  • The signature must be recognized by the Spanish Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport. The certificate may not be signed by a third party by order, delegation or due to absence.

At the Secretary's Office of the Faculty/School

  • The will be required to pay the corresponding fee.
  • The student will be given the documentation once he/she has paid the aforementioned fee.

The student

  • When the student has the documentation, he/she will carry out corresponding procedures required by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport as soon as they have the documentation. (legalizacion(ELIMINAR)@educacion.es).


If students want to accredit subjects passed on different courses, these subjects must be presented separately.