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Doctoral Management - Administratives Procedures

Deposit of the doctoral thesis at the Postgraduate and Doctoral School (2nd phase)

  • ITEM: procedure by which the student who have the authorization from the academic committee of the doctoral programme complete the process of defending the doctoral thesis to obtain the degree of doctor.
Application procedure
Who The student who wishes to defend his/her doctoral thesis to be awarded the degree of doctor and who has been accepted by the academic committee of the doctoral programme.
Where At the Postgraduate and Doctoral School.
When From 1 to 10 of every month (9 am to 1 pm). August is not a working month.
How By presenting the following documents:
  • A copy of the thesis (if the copy has only been provisionally bound, then it must be substituted for a copy which has been fully bound and covered before the thesis is defended).
  • If the thesis has been drafted in another language, a four-page summary must be provided in Catalan or Spanish.
  • TDX form duly completed. Go to www.urv.cat (intranet - Doctorate student profile – Administrative Procedures – Communication of thesis by means of TDX). 
Observations The Postgraduate and Doctoral School will verify that the student has registered for the thesis tutorial after being admitted by the department to the doctoral thesis preparation phase.

Resolution of the application
Who The Postgraduate and Doctoral School
When When the thesis has been deposited, and the documentation presented validated.
How By providing students with two receipts: one to confirm that the thesis has been deposited, and the other for paying the examination of the doctoral thesis.
Observations This fee must be paid before the oral examination.

Students can consult the status of their thesis using their identity card number.