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Doctoral Management - Administrative procedures

Communication of thesis by means of TDX (Doctoral Theses Online)

  • ITEM: process by which doctoral students can apply for the publication of his doctoral dissertation at TDX (Tesis Doctorals en Xarxa).
    The TDX is a cooperative repository containing, in digital format, dissertations defended at the universities of Catalunya and other regions. The access to the thesis is free and the query allows you to search the full text, by author, supervisor, title, knowledge area, university and department where has been read, year of defense, etc.
Who: Any student who wishes to deposit his or her doctoral thesis.
Where: At the Postgraduate and Doctoral School

1. In addition to the documentation needed to begin the thesis defence procedure and to pay for the oral examination fees, when you deposit your doctoral thesis you must provide:
• The TDX form duly completed
2. Once you have satisfactorily completed the oral examination, when you pay the doctoral certificate fees, you must provide:
• The thesis in a single unprotected pdf file
• A maximum 150 word summary in Catalan or Spanish, as well as another in English, also in a computer file (Word)
• The contract signed in triplicate between the URV and the author for the electronic publishing of the thesis and its subsequent public communication. You will be given this contract by the Postgraduate and Doctoral School after you deposit your thesis.


The author's rights are protected by the above mentioned publishing contract between the URV and the author, by which the author reserves the right to publish the thesis in other publishing houses and/or formats.
Furthermore, before adding theses to TDX, the Postgraduate and Doctoral School will obtain an ISBN and a Legal Deposit number for each one, which will protect their intellectual property.
The text's integrity is guaranteed by the security options of the format used to store the text: PDF.
In addition, every time a user consults the complete text of the thesis, a message will warn him or her of the conditions of use for that document according to article 31 of the Law on Intellectual Property.
You can access the TDX database at the following web address http://www.tdx.cesca.es/