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Declaration of equivalence of foreign doctoral degree qualifications

  • ITEM: This is the procedure that, from the moment in which the corresponding certificate is issued, homologates a foreign qualification to a Spanish qualification or academic level in accordance with the current regulations.
Application procedure
Who The interested party or the authorized person on presentation of the necessary identification.
  • Homologation of foreign higher education qualifications that have been studied in universities or higher education institutions outside Spain.
  • Homologation of foreign higher education qualifications that have been fully or partially studied in Spain in universities or higher education institutions duly reconized by the competent Spanish administrations.
When When required.
Where At the General Registry of the URV or any of the URV's auxiliary registries.

By presenting the following documentation:

Original and photocopy or photocopy attested by the competent authorities of:

  • Proof of identity and nationality of the applicant. This document must be current and not expired.
  • Certificate of the qualification to be homologated or a document accrediting that the qualification certificate is in the process of being issued, legalized and translated, if necessary.
  • Academic transcript of the subjects that the applicant has studied to obtain the doctorate's degree, translated into Catalan or Spanish, if necessary, and which must show:
    • the official duration of the degree in academic years
    • the curriculum followed
    • the subjects studied, if necessary
    • the number of hours for each subject, if necessary
  • Copy of the thesis in the language in which it was defended
  • Summary of the thesis, in Catalan, Spanish or English, which should indicate the members of the examination panel and the grade awarded.
  • Sworn statement that the applicant has not previously homologated the qualification in Spain, has not simultaneously applied to homologate the same qualification at another university and has not convalidated the subjects of the qualification for which homologation is requested into order to continue studying in Spain.
  • If the applicant has unsuccessfully applied to homologate the qualification at another university, the rejection document issued by that university.

If the competent entity or the corresponding committees consider it necessary, they may request additional documentation.

Documents issued abroad must meet certain requirements.

Appraisal of the documentation
Who Academic Management Service

On receipt of the original application and the attested documentation issued by the Registry.

August is not considered to be a working month.

  • By checking that the documentation is in order and, if appropriate, meets the necessary requirements.
  • By submitting the application, documentation and the corresponding report to the Postgraduate and Doctoral School.

If there is any documentation that the applicant has not presented or if there is any infringement of the established requirements, the Academic Management Service will require the applicant to rectify this situation within 10 days.

If the applicant fails to rectify the situation within this period, the URV will reject the application.

Resolution of the application
Who The Rector of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili.

Within a maximum of six months from the presentation of the application form.

August is not considered to be a working month.


The academic committee of the doctoral programme that is most similar to the foreign qualification will write a report that either rejects or approves the application.

The management of Postgraduate and Doctoral School will issue the agreement and communicate with the committee's report and decision to the relevant Office of the Vice-Rector for approval by the URV's Academic and Scientific Regulations Committee.


An administrative appeal can be filed against this resolution (which terminates the administrative proceedings) to the Administrative Court in Tarragona, within two months, counting from the day after receiving notification, as can an optional appeal to the entity that has issued the resolution within one month of the day after receiving notification.

Issuance of the Credential of Homologation
Who The Rector of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Once the application for homologation has been approved.

August is not considered to be a working month.


Approval of the application for homologation will be accredited by means of a bilingual credential (in Catalan and Spanish) issued by the rector of the URV in accordance with the model established by the University Coordination Council. The credential will state the name of the applicant's foreign qualification.

The applicant must pay the corresponding fee for the credential to be issued. Once this has been done the URV will inform the General Sub-Directorate of Qualifications, Validations and Homologations of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport so that the qualification can be inscribed in the National Qualifications Register.


The homologation of the doctorate's qualification does not under any circumstances mean that the applicant's other foreign degrees have been recognized.

End of the procedure: issuance of the credential
Who The Postgraduate and Doctoral School

Once the Credential of Homologation has been issued by the Academic Management Service.

August is not considered to be a working month.


The Postgraduate and Doctoral School will inform the applicant so that he/she can collect the credential, after first ensuring that the applicant has paid the corresponding fee.

The applicant must collect the credential in person or issue a letter of attorney that authorizes a representative to do so. In both cases the person collecting the credential must present his/her identity card or passport.


For more information, consult the Regulations governing the Homologation of Foreign Postgraduate Qualifications.