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DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development - European Week for Waste Reduction

URV participates at the European Week for Waste Reduction together with the DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development.

In the framework of the European Week for Waste Reduction (17th-25th November 2012), organized in our house by the Waste Agency of Catalonia, the DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development has prepared two activities in collaboration with the Asociación de Alumnos y Exalumnos de Derecho Ambiental de Tarragona” (AAEDAT).

The exposition Què en fèiem, de la brossa? Els antics abocadors de residus de la comarca de la Ribera d'Ebre" is available for visiting it from Saturday 17th to FRIDAY 14th DECEMBER, at the CRAI (Campus Catalunya, URV). Waste was transported to municipal lands qualified as landfills, usually located on the outskirts of towns. Environmental criteria were not always taken into account at the time of choosing them as a waste disposal site. Waste was thrown in these spaces and, from time to time, was covered with land, burned outdoor or simply accumulated. The aim of this exposition is to raise awareness about waste problem, reduce generation and make an appropriate management.

The second event took place on Friday, November 23rd, at 18pm. The documentary directed by John Webster in 2008 entitled: Recipes for Disaster (VOS) was projected in classroom 314 (Campus Catalunya, University Rovira i Virgili). What can a family do to prevent climate change? The director convinces his family to make an "oil diet" for a year.

  • Pictures of the exposition "Què en fèiem, de la brossa?" (CRAI, URV)