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DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development - Outstanding Events

Publication of the article “Los residuos domésticos y asimilables en Cataluña [...]”,  by Òscar Saladié, in the Boletín de la Asociación de Geógrafos Españoles.

This year 2011 an article written by Òscar Saladié, member of the DOW/URV Sustainable Desenvolupament Chair, was published in the Boletín de la Asociación de Geógrafos Españoles  (BAGE), "Los residuos domésticos y asimilables en Cataluña: la generación y la recogida selectiva como indicadores de la sostenibilidad del desarrollo territorial".

Household and similar waste generation in Catalonia between 2000 and 2009 has increa­sed a 20.8%, meanwhile population for the same period has been a 18.7%. That means a small increase in generation per capita, rising from 1.51 to 1.53 kg/day, whereas the target established by the Catalan Municipal Waste Management Program (PROGREMIC) for 2012 is 1.48 kg/capita/day. Despite recycling rate of household and similar wastes has increased considerably during the last 9 years (17.7%-37.5%), this value can be improved signifi­cantly. Measuring sustainability by means of an indicator that bears generation per capita and recycling rate it is shown that sustainability in Catalonia is low. Nevertheless, important differences exist at a regional level.

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