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DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development - Exposition "L'aigua que treu la fam"

DOW/URV Chair on Sustainable development collaborates in the Organization of the exposition “L’aigua que treu la fam”.

From 2nd November until the 31st January the exposition “L’aigua que treu la fam” can be visited, from 8 am til 21 pm, at the lobby of the campus Terres de l’Ebre, in Tortosa.

This exposition discloses the existence and importance of water protection to achieve the proper management of this vital resource. It consists of five blocks: Water for Life, Water crisis, Sustainable water management, Water and food sovereignty and case studies, one from Colombia and one from Brazil.

It is organized by the Tortosa Cultural Antenna of the URV and the UNESCO Chair of Sustainability, UPC. With the collaboration of the URV Centre for Development Cooperation for Development, the DOW/ URV Chair of Sustainable Development, the City Council of Tortosa and Tarragona Deputation.