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Why do we need a new production model? Lecture by Dr. Ramon Folch.

The presentation of the Report on the Teaching and Research in Sustainability and Environment at the University Rovira I Virgili (DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development), which took place on Wednesday, 26th September, in the sala de graus of the campus Cataluña, was supplemented by the conference “Why do we need a new productive model?”, by Dr. Ramon Folch.

During his speech, Dr. Folch, questioned the viability of the current productive and consumption patterns. He also referred the significant energy savings achieved by the URV thanks to the implementation of different measures proposed at the Environmental Plan. The savings were quantified in the 23% of the energetic consumption. Ramon Folch is the director of the Estudio Ramon Folch y Asociados (ERF), responsible of drafting the Environmental Plan of the URV.