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Prize for Young Researchers

Prize 2016

Chair for the Promotion of Firm Innovation awarded the prize (ex aequo) to:

-Jorge Andrés Vélez Ospina (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona): "Innovation decision and firm productivity: An empirical analysis for the services sector"

-Abdelfeteh Bitat (joint with W. Laurieru, Saint-Louis University Brussels): "Environmental regulation and eco-innovation: insights from diffusion of innovations theory"

Prize 2015

Chair for the Promotion of Firm Innovation awarded the prize (ex aequo) to:

-Valeria Bernardo (Universitat de Barcelona & IREA), Joan-Ramon Borrell (Universitat de Barcelona & IREA) and Jordi Perdiguero (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona & IREA): "Fast Charging Stations: Simulating Entry and Location in a Game of Strategic Interaction"

Prize 2014

Chair for the Promotion of Firm Innovation awarded the prize (ex aequo) to:

Christiaan Behrens (Tinbergen Institute, VU University Amsterdam) Mark Lijesen (VU University Amsterdam) joint with Mark Lijesen:"The impact of product differentiation and uncertainty on capacity-then-price competition"

Guiomar Ibáñez (University Rovira i Virgili & CREIP): "Innovation and Horizontal mergers in an industry vertically related"

Call 2014

-Diagnosed, identified, current and complete depression among patients attending primary care in southern Catalonia. Different aspects of the same concept. Author: Pilar Monteso

-Reviving demand-pull perspectives: The effect of demand uncertainty and stagnancy on R&D strategy. Author: Gabriele Pellegrino

-Are R&D collaborative agreements persistent at the firm level? Evidence for the Spanish case. Author: Erika Badillo

- The impact of cooperation on R&D, innovation and productivity: an analysis of Spanish manufacturing and services firms. Author: Verónica Fernández

Call 2013

Innovació en indústries tradicionals: la (r )-evolució vitivinícola del Priorat com a cas d’èxit. Author: Miquel Àngel Bové

Financial constraints and the failure of innovation projects. Author: Mercedes Teruel

Call 2012

-Measuring the persistence in innovation in Spanish Manufacturing firms: Empirical evidence using discrete-time models. Authors: Àngela Triguero, David Córcoles and Maria Carmen Cuerva
 -How do geographically mobile innovators influence network formation? Author: Ernest Miguélez

-On the effect of collusion on domestic and international research joint ventures. Author: Ricardo Flores

-Relations between external and internal R&D, capital investment and profitability: the case of the agri-food Spanish industry. Author: Silverio Alarcón

Call 2011

-Innovation and absorptive capacity: evidence from Spanish firms. Author: Verònica Gomabau

-Innovació regional: microcomponents i articulacions entre el capital social d’unió i el capital social pont en una xarxa d’empresaris viticultors del Priorat, Catalunya. Author: María José Fernández

-Aplicación de la psicología grupal a proyectos de equipos de emprendedores. Author: Jordi Tous