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University Master in Business and Contract Law

General goals

The Master's main goal is to train professionals and researchers in the area of ​​Business Law and Contract Law that will be responsible and competent either in legal practice or academic research.

Accordingly, the Master's program allows appropriate training in the concepts, knowledge, skills and values ​​needed by the student to further study and analyse corporate legal issues, business mediation and arbitration, general legal practice, legal consulting and company auditing.

Specific skills

  • Use corporate Law and contract Law as a regulator of social, economic and business relationships.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the regulatory and legal issues of enterprises, in a European and international context, from a social perspective in order to be able to solve conflicts with legal implications from a multidisciplinary point of view.
  • Interpret and apply business rules to address and solve the complexity of corporate legal transactions.
  • Recognize the legal content of contracts, the operating characteristics of the business environment, and its tax, procedural and international implications.
  • Master the proper techniques to conduct comprehensive legal advice both in the corporate contractual relationship between employers and in employer-employee relationships.
  • Manage the necessary legal resources to attract, develop and innovate on specific issues specific to the field of business Law and contract Law.
  • Manage negotiation processes between people with different interests, arising in domestic and international companies.
  • Communicate results of original research in a format transferable to the general public and following the criteria accepted in the scientific community.
  • Understand and apply research techniques in the field of Private Law.