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University Master in Business and Contract Law

Ana Giménez Costa
Lecturer of Civil Law at the University Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Spain). Postgraduate in Advanced Studies in Civil Law by the University of Barcelona, and in Innovation in Higher Education in the new European Credit Transfer System by the Institute of Education Sciences of the URV. She has taught at various masters and courses related to the topics of Catalonian civil law, European private law and educational innovation. Her last publications are the collective books “Derecho Europeo de Contratos (2012), Nuevas perspectivas del derecho contractual (2011), and La innovación en la docencia del Derecho a través del uso de las TIC (2012). She has also published articles in various scientific, national and international, journals. Is one of the Academic Coordinators of the European project Jean Monnet "European Integration and Gender", besides being part of the Consolidated Research Group support by the Generalitat of Catalunya “Dret civil català i Dret privat europeo”, and member of the National research project “El proyecto de marco común de referencia (Libros II y IV): comentario académico desde el derecho contractual español” financial by Spanish Education and Science Ministry. His main areas of research are European contract law, real estate law and consumer protection. She teaches "Nuevas Perspectivas del Derecho Contractual” y "Introducción al Derecho y al sistema Jurídico Español”.  It is also the Coordinator of the Training Complements module.