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University Master in Business and Contract Law

Bridging Courses

The bridging course "Introduction to Law and the Spanish Legal System", 6 ECTS, are designed as an introduction to the concepts and basic rules of each of the different modules that make up the master, as well as to the tools and resources needed to master development. They are aimed at those students who have not obtained a Law degree or a Labour relations degree, or that have not obtained this degree in our country. In addition, we offer an optional instrumental block aimed at those students who have not studied in our university.

The area under study is divided into two blocks. The first block, instrumental, will show the performance of the virtual platform used at our university, Moodle, and the Resource Center for Learning and Research (CRAI) Catalunya Campus. The second block offers a course of a material nature, which addresses the study, from a general point of view, of the Spanish legal system, including also an introduction to main concepts of each of the subjects to be studied in the master's program. We believe the contents of the bridging courses, may be helpful as a basis on which start a better and deeper study of the Master's own modules, and that they may also help for a better understanding of the tools need for academic research.


  1. Introduction to the Spanish legal system, Dr. Carmen Gómez Buendía.
  2. Introduction to the basics of Spanish and Catalan Civil Law, Prof. Ana Giménez Costa.
  3. Introduction to the basic concepts of Procedural Law, Dr. Elizabeth Cerrato Guri.
  4. Introduction to the Spanish tax system, Dr. Estela Rivas Nieto.
  5. Introduction to the Basics of Business Law, Dr. Teresa Franquet Sugrañes.
  6. Introduction to the basic concepts of Private International Law, Dr. Diana Marin Consarnau.
  7. Introduction to the basic concepts of Labor Law, Dr. Rosa Rodríguez Sánchez.

Evaluation System

In order to obtain the 6 ECTS of the bridging courses, attendance to the scheduled sessions  will be taken into account, as well as significant contributions to the glossary of definitions of basic concepts of each block (40%).
In addition, each student must submit a comment on a recent Case related to business Law and procurement (60%).
The final grade is global, therefore, it will sumarize the result of evaluations weighted by each of the participating teachers


For any questions or comments on the organization and development of the bridging courses, you can ask for a tutorial appointment via email with any of the coordinators below depending on the block you wish to comment on:
Block I:  Instrumental Part (Moodle and CRAI): Prof. Ana Giménez Costa(ELIMINAR)
Block II: Material Part (Law modules): Prof. Ana Giménez Costa(ELIMINAR)