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University Master in Business and Contract Law

Entry Requirements

  • Law graduates, Employment Sciences graduates and graduates from related fields.
  • Graduates from Business or Economic Sciences or related fields.
  • Graduates coming from a European Economic Area's Higher Education Center that would enable the student to access a postgraduate degree in his home country.
  • Students holding a Graduate degree from outside the EEA if URV has previously ascertained that:
    • The level of training is equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish university degrees;
    • In the country of origin the student would access a postgraduate course.

Registration timing

MUDEC has 3 admission phases that open depending on availability. If  the number of available seats (30) is completed in a given period, the next phase does not open.
1st period: from March 1 to April 30
2nd period: from May 20 to June 15
3rd period: from 4 to 12 September