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Master’s degree final project

What is it?

The master’s degree final project is a piece of work that you must produce in the last stages of your master’s degree so that the educational content and competencies associated to the master’s qualification can be assessed in a comprehensive manner.

It is a part of the curriculum and, depending on the programme, can have between 6 and 30 ECTS credits (a minimum of 20 in research-oriented master’s degrees).

During the programme, you will be assigned a tutor, who will help you to produce your final project. The tutor is generally a lecturer on the master’s degree. When the course has started, ask the coordinator of your master’s degree who your tutor may be.

Every faculty or school has its own regulations for such aspects as the organization of the project, its defence and its assessment. In the guide to your master’s degree, you will find information about what your final project should be like, its length and the sections it must have.

For further information, see the regulations governing the master’s degree final project on the website of your faculty or school.


The master’s degree final project must deal with a topic that is related to the master’s degree subjects. If you have chosen a professional track, your final project will generally be related to work experience. In some cases, it is also possible to carry out the final project as part of the URV’s Service Learning Programme. Your coordinator can advise you on this issue.


Generally speaking, final projects are assessed at the end of the second semester, but in some cases assessment can be delayed until September. Likewise, you can also request to be assessed in January (if, for example, you have no other subjects to do in the second semester). In all these cases, you have to make a specific application (see Administrative procedures).


When you have completed your final project, and with your tutor’s approval, you must defend it in public before an examination panel that will generally consist of your tutor and the tutors of other projects. In exceptional cases, the presentation can be made on-line. If you are interested in doing so, please consult your coordinator.

The master’s degree final projects must be deposited in the URV’s institutional repository, and those students who are awarded a grade of 8 or above must be available for reference by lecturers, researchers and students.