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Gimnàs Portsalut

 This gym was founded in 1982 and is one of the initiators of the work with machines in Amposta. From the very beginning, it has tried to evolve constantly and offer its members the best quality in services and facilities.

Its main objective is that every single person achieves the top quality life and well-being. In order to make it possible, Portsalut provides qualified specialists in sports medicine and physiotherapy.

Special offer for EsportsURV members

  • Free registration (normal prize 38€)
  • 5% discount off in the payments from 26€ to 58€ (see website).
  • It includes organised activities, sauna and swimming pool.
  • Discounts in solarium, physiotherapy, sports medicine...

 Carrer Holanda, 18

  43870 Amposta (Montsià)

  977 70 33 96