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Club Natació Tárraco

Founded in 1963, Club Natació Tàrraco is an importat sport entity that has now 3.200 members, 200 of them swimmers.

Special offer for EsportsURV members:

  • Free registration (normal prize is 113 €) once a year, if three monthly payments are paid in advanced.
    • Monthly payment of 29.2 €. It incluyes swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna.
    • You can also practice swimming and ping pong without being a member, for just 3.30€/session (normal prize is 9€).
  • Other organised activities: aquagym, swimming learning for adults, spinning, aerobic, steps, zumba, synchronised swimming, lifesaving and rescue, triathlon…
 Club Natació Tàrraco

 Passeig Torroja, 86


 977 230 334