Language exchange


Would you like to have a partner for a language exchange –also known as Tandems?

You only need to fill in our URV language Exchange form!  Once we receive your exchange request, we will get in touch with you as soon as we find a conversation partner that matches your profile.

For those of you who would rather get directly in contact with each other, there is an Intercanvis Lingüístics URV Facebook page available.  Write a new post on our wall specifying your name, the languages you can offer and the ones you would like to practise. You can also comment on someone else’s post or send them a private message in Facebook, in order to make arrangements and start your Tandem.

For questions or further information, please write to our Self-access Language Learning Centre specialist at the following email address:


We have already arranged to meet... What shall we do now?

We strongly advise you to spend at least 1 hour, so that each of you can practise for about half an hour.

You can choose to meet wherever it is most convenient for you both.It can be either on campus or anywhere else.

The first few sessions will be useful for you to get to know each other and see what topics you would like to deal with later on.If you want, you can use newspaper and magazine articles to start up your conversation or debate.You can also talk about books, restaurants, exhibitions, etc.

In addition, for those of you who want to improve your English, there are some speaking worksheets in our Self-access Language Learning Centre Moodle.

Finally, if you need help or some further information about this resource in particular, you can always contact our language specialist at any of the following email address:


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