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Access from outside the URV

If you are a member of the URV university community and you wish to access all documentary resources from outside the URV, you must configure your browser as we explain below. The methodology is not applicable if you are browsing on Internet using a computer connected to the URV network.

Remote connection to electronic information resources

Below we explain the procedure to follow if you wish to change the configuration of your browser so that you can access electronic resources using an authenticated proxy server.

To be able to use the service, your computer must have one of the following browsers:

  • Netscape 4 or above (all systems)
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.x orabove (all systems)
  • Internet Explorer 5.x orabove (only Microsoft Windows)


The University particularly recommends the use of Mozilla Firefox 1.x or above because it is easy to configure and is not integrated into the operating system as Microsoft Explorer is.

Configuration of the proxy server in the browser

Mozilla Firefox 1.x orabove

These are the steps you must take to configure your Firefox browser with the University's authenticated proxy server. You can download this web client from the Mozilla website. Pàgina Web Mozilla Firefox

- Once you have opened your Firefox browser, select the option Eines -> Opcions.

- Select the tab "Avançat" -> "Xarxa"

- Select the section "Configuració manual del servidor intermediari", and enter:

Servidor intermediari d'HTTP: proxyauth.urv.cat
Port: 8085

- When you have entered this information, click on "D'acord" and close the previous window.

Once you have completed these steps, you will have configured the authenticated proxy server that will enable you to access the University's electronic journals.

The proxy acts in the following way:

  • If you access when you are on the URV campus, you can browse with no difficulty.
  • If you access from outside the URV campus and you browse in the URV website, you will not be asked for validation.
  • If you access from outside the URV campus and you want to consult some of the electronic resources available, you will be asked for your user validation.

User validation

  • When you access one of the electronic resources available, you will be asked to identify yourself.
  • The username and password are the ones you use to access the digital services of the URV (intranet, email, virtual campus, electronic journals, etc.).

Initial username and password

Your username is your NIF/NIE/passport and the initial password is your date of birth in the following format:

     * DD-MMM-YY: new workers/students registering for the first time after 14/05/2007.
         Example: 02-MAI-78. The month (MMM) can be (GEN, FEB, MAR, ABR, MAI, JUN, JUL, AGO, SET, OCT, NOV, DES)

If you do not know your username or password, you can use the Preguntes més Freqüents d'ajuda

If you wish to change your password to the University's digital services, you can use the application Gestió d'Identitat.


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