The Factory

What is the Factory?

The Factory gives support to learning, teaching and RDI.

Its aim is to help both the teaching and research staff and the students to incorporate IT and the learning and knowledge technologies (LKT) into their academic activities.

The Factory helps you to:

  • Use office, multimedia and design applications in tasks such as editing videos, photos and audio files, conserving formats, storage, editing pdf, etc.
  • Use specific software and technologies for preparing and presenting academic work and teaching material.
  • Use web 2.0 tools to improve the learning and teaching process, and to communicate research results.
  • Use the URV's online learning environment: teaching spaces, tutorials and portfolio (Moodle and Mahara)


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Services provided by the Factory

Open Factory-Independent use

For members of the university community who wish to work independently on their academic activities with equipment and software* from the Factory.

* Check what can be supplied at the various points from which equipment and software can be made available.

Loan of audiovisual material

For members of the university community who require audiovisual hardware for their academic activities

Personalised advice

For those members of the university community who need support if they are to be able to use IT for their academic activities and who wish to receive instruction in how to use the Factory's equipment and the software.

Factory outlets in the URV CRAI:

CRAI Work stations Cabins  Opening hours Telephone Email address
Catalunya Campus CRAI      21      4

ChecK here

977 29 70 25 crai.factoriacatalunya(ELIMINAR)
Sescelades Campus CRAI      10      2

ChecK here

977 29 79 44 crai.factoriasescelades(ELIMINAR)
Terres de l'Ebre Campus CRAI       5     ---

ChecK here

977 46 40 57 crai.factoriacte(ELIMINAR)
Bellissens Campus CRAI       3     ---

ChecK here

977 75 98 07 crai.factoriabellissens(ELIMINAR)
Medicine and Health Sciences CRAI       4     ---

ChecK here

977 75 93 32


Vila-seca Campus CRAI       2     ---

ChecK here

977 29 79 71


Seu Baix Penedès CRAI       2     --- ChecK here 977 68 49 51 crai.factoriapenedes(ELIMINAR)