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Office of the Vice-Rector for Scientific Policy and Research


Edifici del Rectorat

C/. de l'Escorxador, s/n

43003 - Tarragona

 The aim of this vice-rectorship is to promote new strategies and put into practice the URV's scientific policy. It provides support for research, encourages participation in competitive programmes and undertakes, manages and justifies research activities and scientific communication.  

The vice-rector is responsible for the Research Management Service, the Science and Technical Service and the Postgraduate and Doctoral School, as well as the URV's own research centres and for relations with the affiliated research institutes.

Vice-Rector for Scientific Policy and Research

 Dr. Josep Manel Ricart

 +34 977 558 001


Administrative support

 Imma Bonet Huguet  +34 977 558 015  imma.bonet(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat