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The URV archive

The URV archive is a central administrative unit that depends on the General Secretariat. It is responsible for organizing, managing, treating, safeguarding and disseminating the University’s documentation.

This documentation consists of all the documents from any date, in any format and on any medium that have been produced or collected by the bodies governing the University or the people working for the University in the exercise of their professional duties, or which have been donated or loaned by individuals or institutions unconnected to the University. These documents have been organized and preserved for purposes of administrative information and management and for research and culture.


Montserrat Garriga Pujals

Avda. dels Països Catalans, 26 (Campus Sescelades) 43007

977 559 507


9 to 14 h from Monday to Friday, and 15.30 to 18 h on Mondays and Wednesdays