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Language Resources Service


Knowing and perfecting languages is becoming increasingly necessary for teaching, research, the labour market and university relations.

At the Language Service you can learn or perfect your English, German, French, Italian and Spanish in courses of various lengths (during the academic year or intensively during the summer). You can also learn or perfect your Catalan, be awarded an official certificate, and improve your oral and written communication abilities on a variety of attractive specific courses.

The Service can also advise you on language issues (general language and terminological doubts and text editing).

What is more, the Language Service makes it possible for you to help promote the use of Catalan in the University. Students can be part of a lively project, the Language Volunteers, who provide peronalised support to non-Catalan speaking students and organise activities aimed at introducing these students to Catalan culture.

For further information, visit the web www.llengues.urv.cat

Coordinator of the Language Service

John Bates

Campus Catalunya- Av. Catalunya, 35 - 43005 Tarragona

Tel. +34 977 558 372


Secretary's office of the Language Service

Albert Sabaté

Campus Catalunya- Av. Catalunya, 35 - 43005 Tarragona

Tel. +34 977 558 363