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Extra Mural Management Unit


At the URV you can find different and entertaining means of learning and making friends through the activities of the Extra Mural Management Unit. Here we offer the information you need to find the activity that most interests you. There are activities related to cinema, theatre, music, debates, etcetera, which will enable you to express yourself and enrich your knowledge by collaborating with others.

The groups that promote these activities aim to disseminate culture, science, technology, arts and knowledge as the basis for social progress. Moreover, this is not done in a strictly academic manner, but rather in a way that encourages exchanges between individuals from different educational backgrounds and from outside the university.

Dades de contacte

  • Servei de Gestió de l'Extensió Universitària
  • Avinguda Països Catalans, 5-7  43007 Tarragona
  • 977 256 581 / 977 256 582 / 977 559 506
  • 977 558 636
  • segeu25(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat