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Training at the URV 2015

Bachelor's degrees

Course offer in 2015-16

Evolution of course demand in 1st choice (affiliated centres)

3.092 In the 2015-16 academic year, 3,356 people started bachelor's courses at the URV, 3% more than the previous year.

Ratio between demand for 1st choice and new students/course offer in 2015-16

New students in 2015-16

3,109 people have started bachelor’s degrees at the URV, most of whom had previously completed PAU (57%) and upper cycle training courses (21%)

Evolution of new students 

Principal secondary schools providing new students through entrance exams in 2015-16

The 1,782 new students who accessed through PAU have completed secondary education at one of 458 schools across Spain. Schools in the Tarragona area provide 66% of all new students through PAU.

Students according to knowledge area and gender in 2014-15

More than 11,500 students study bachelor’s degrees at the URV, mostly in social and legal sciences, health sciences and engineering and architecture

More than half of students are women (59%) and they predominate in the social and legal sciences and health sciences, whereas men predominate on the more technical courses

During the 2015-16 academic year, 635 students are doing external practicals in public and private institutions and companies and in all areas of knowledge

Evolution of registered students

During the 2014-15 academic year, 3,668 students (32% of the total) obtained a grant from the ministry

Average hours taught for student in the Catalan public university system (SUPC) in 2013-14

New students from the districs of Tarragona who have passed the PAU and registered at the URV (%) in 2015-16

Evolution of bachelor's degree registrations among students from the districts of Tarragona within the Catalan university system (CUS)

Origin of students registered in 2015-16

Academic performance in 2015-16

During the 2014-15 academic year, 83% of students passed the ordinary credits for which they registered. Only 11% repeated and 16% dropped out

Overall, students of health sciences and social and legal sciences pass the highest numbers of credits (91% and 84% respectively).

Evolution graduates

Graduates according to course completion time in 2015-16

During the 2014-15 academic year more than 2,000 students completed their courses. 87% of bachelor's degree graduates completed their courses in the officially allotted period or in one additional year

Main results of the URV's survey of employment among graduates from Catalan universities

82% of graduates obtain work within three years of graduating, 14% are unemployed and 4% are inactive. 49% of people surveyed had already found work before completing their studies and 73% entered the job market within three months of completion. 71% of those in employment work full-time and 45% have fixed contracts.

76% carry out university functions at work. 88% work in Catalonia. 72% would repeat the same degree and 78% would choose the URV again.