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Training at the URV 2015


During the last academic year the Universitat Rovira i Virgili initiated a new process for reporting its activities to the university community and society as a whole. The process is sectorial and distributed across the various meetings of the Governing Council and culminates with the rector's annual report to the Senate. In line with this, the present document reports on the 2015-16 academic year and outlines the main results of the URV's training activities in its bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees and its lifelong learning programme, these activities enabling the URV to comply with one of its primary missions; that is, the training of individuals. The report provides a representative sample of statistics and indicators with the aim of supporting the institution's academic staff and governing bodies in their analysis and evaluation of the registration figures and the academic results of the students following the various aforementioned courses.

The document is divided into six parts, one for each level of study (bachelor's degree, university master's degree, doctoral degree and lifelong learning), one regarding the URV's positioning within the Catalan public university system and a final section outlining the report's conclusions. Each of these sections contains important data regarding student demand, the registration figures and the academic results.

The data on the courses offered, student demand and registration refer to the 2015-16 academic year and the data on academic results and graduates refer to the 2014-15 academic year. It should be borne in mind, however, that this information is still provisional at the time of writing (30 September 2015) due to the fact that students can still register for bachelor's and master's degrees after this date. 

The data for the master's degrees do not include inter-university master's degrees coordinated by other universities who, in accordance with the agreements signed, are responsible for registering students on those programmes. 

Also excluded are the data regarding pre-registration for the Master's Degree in Training for Teachers of Compulsory Education and Upper Secondary Education, Professional Training and Language Teaching because this is carried out centrally for all universities by the University's Admissions Office. Regarding doctoral degrees, the report only contains data for the 2014-15 academic year because the registration period for the 2015-16 academic year will remain open until 10 May 2016, which means that the data for this period are still very much incomplete. Finally, the data for lifelong learning refer to activities started during 2015 that are still ongoing.

The report's principal source of information is SINIA, in particular regarding the data on admissions, registration and academic results. Other sources of information are the URV's Admissions Office, for data regarding student demand for courses (1st allocation of places in June), the employment survey by AQU Catalunya and the Information System on Universities and Research in Catalonia (UNEIX), for the analysis of the URV's relative position within the Catalan Public University System.

The data in this report are updated every day during the registration period and may be consulted in the following reports available in the sections entitled "Training" and "Academic Programming Resources" of the "URV in figures":


01 Course offer and demand
OD1 Offer and demand for first cycle, first cycle and second cycle and bachelor's courses 
OD4 Evolution of pre-registration for university master's degrees

02 Access
AC1 New students on first cycle, first cycle and second    cycle and bachelor's courses according to type of access
AC2 New students on university master's degrees according to type of access

03 Registration
MT3 Access and registration for bachelor's courses
MT4 Access and registration for university master's degrees

04 Graduates
 TIT1 TBachelor's degree graduates
 TIT2 University master's degree graduates

05 Academic performance
RA1 Academic performance on bachelor's degrees
RA2 Academic performance on university master's degrees

07 Doctoral degrees
DC1 Doctoral students according to nationality
DC5 Evolution of doctoral theses
DC7 Pre-registration for doctoral programmes


Bachelor's degree accreditation
ACRG09 Academic results for 1st year
ACRG16  New students on 1st choice course

Geographic mobility of bachelor's students within the CUS 
Geographic mobility of master's students within the CUS

The "URV in figures" is a tool that the university makes available on its intranet for the entire university community to provide easy access to information that is useful in the execution of academic and/or management duties. It can be accessed through the following link https://intranet.urv.cat. This tool also provides access to the information published by UNEIX (University Information System  - UNEIX).