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University community and social action


The Volunteering Office provides a range of opportunities for the members of the university community who wish to collaborate in volunteering activities.

Local cooperation

After the success of the “URV Solidària Race”, the URV Solidària Development Cooperation Centre has promoted and funded “Horts Socials URV”, an innovative and socially relevant project that combines ecology, solidarity and transversality.

Numbers of students with disability

The URV has a Disability Care Plan aimed at facilitating the adaptation of students with disabilities.

Alumni programme (friends)

Service Learning Programme (SLP)

Service Learning (SL) is an educational methodology that combines learning processes and service to the community in a single project in which participants learn about the real needs of their surroundings with the aim of improving them (Puig & Palos).

 Esports URV. 2014-15 academic year

Esports URV promotes physical activity, sport and healthy lifestyles among both students and the rest of the university community. It does this through various programmes of activities.

 Equality observatory

In collaboration with other units, the Equality Observatory organizes various activities relating to equality between men and women aimed both at the university community and the public, secondary schools, technical staff in the public administrations and society in general.

 Housing Office and university residences

Environment plan

through its environment plan the URV incorporates environmental objectives into the daily management of the institution.

The URV encourages energy efficiency, improved waste separation and collection and the use of public transport among the university community.

Actions taken by the URV's Social Council. 2015 

The different functions of the Social Council include promoting the university’s third mission activities; in this regard it is important to note that over the last ten years the Social Council has devoted 45% of its annual budget to projects related to the URV’s third mission.