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Dissemination of culture and knowledge

Cultural extension activities. 2014-15 academic year

The URV’s cultural extension activities cater for the various cultural interests of the university community, and most are also open to the general public.

Classes for Older People. 2014-15 academic year

The University Extension Activities for Older People constitute a social project set up by the main Catalan universities to cater for the cultural interests of people over 55.

URV Citizens Programme. 2014-15 academic year

Initiative aimed at people over 55 to allow access to courses taught at the URV’s faculties and schools.

Summer University. 2015

From May to July the Summer University offers a range of attractive courses in various disciplines, including health, art, history, music, social sciences, technology, experimental sciences and humanities.

Scientific dissemination activities among secondary school pupils. 2014-15 academic year

Scientific dissemination activities (ComCiència). 2014-15 academic year

Presence at fairs and halls. 2014-15 academic year

Publications URV. 2014-15 academic year

Through its publishing unit, Publicaciones URV, the University gives visibility to its research results both within and outside academia, promotes culture and places knowledge at the service of society.

Communication with society. 2014 

During 2014 the University published 6000 copies of the 20th and 21st editions of the Revista URV. The digital version of the Revista URV has had an average of 1500 downloads. The URV has also published nine editions of the University Indicator, with a total of 15,000 copies.