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As part of its second series of informative documents aimed at the university community and which together will make up the Rector's Annual Report to the Senate, the URV has now completed the report in its third mission activities. On this occasion the report has been completed in the first trimester of the 2015-16 academic year to ensure earlier publication. This means that the report is being presented for the second time during 2015 and that much of the information is the same. That is, the data for the 2014 calendar year are the same whereas the data for the 2014-15 academic year have been updated in accordance with the course report written by the Office of the General Secretary.
The document provides a comprehensive overview of the URV's third mission activities and is structured along the five axes of the Strategic Plan for the Third Mission, namely dissemination of culture and knowledge, social action and university community, internationalization, the territorial innovation system and the transfer of knowledge and technology. Each section outlines the principal programmes and activities that have been carried out, some of which are in the strategic plan and some of which are new. Most of the chapters include information on the number of activities organised and the number of people who have participated in them.

The final chapter outlines the extent to which the Strategic Plan for the Third Mission is meeting its objectives for 2017, evaluates the last five years of the plan at the URV and assesses its impact on the University's surroundings during this period. The analysis of the data collected from 2010 to 2014 shows that around two thirds of the objectives set for 2017 have been maintained, despite the effects of the economic crisis.

Likewise, the University has increased the amount of internal resources destined for these activities at a time when external contributions have been diminishing. In terms of impact on surroundings, the report shows that the URV's third mission activities alone have an economic impact of around 4000 euros per million euros of GDP in the Tarragona region.