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Our vision of the future

The vision of the URV is to become a University that offers comprehensive education to people, where they learn to exist, to do, to co-exist and to discover:

  • The university that learns from people, from society and from itself.
  • The creative and innovation promoting university, whose distinguishing characteristic is its capacity to generate skills and ideas.
  • The university that is committed to employment, that promotes entry into the workplace and considers people’s continuing education as an indispensable process.
  • The university that is committed to the environment and to society, that identifies with the reality in Catalonia and which works with all society’s agents in order to build a future of progress.
  • The universal university, that works with people from all over the world, promotes mobility and cooperates with developing societies.
  • The university that progresses, by analysing, planning and evaluating its activities, the basis of which is to improve quality and to promote the development of its units and societies.
  • The people’s university, that promotes their full development, seeks their satisfaction and encourages their participation.