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The URV aims to achieve a high level of quality in the spheres of study and teaching, research and extra-mural activities, and the assistance provided to members of the university community and management. In order to achieve this, organisational and institutional quality must be developed through systems that form part of the everyday operation of the University, and allow quality to be measured, evaluated, assured and improved.

This general objective can be subdivided into four sub-aims, which form the basis of the URV quality system:

  • To satisfy educational demand. To provide a range of courses that match the needs and expectations of society, and is flexible enough to provide a response to changes, and at the same time solid enough to cover our potential for transmitting knowledge.
  • Recognised teaching quality. To obtain recognition for the quality of the teaching offered at the URV through the satisfaction of students, graduates and employers, and to ensure that this quality is also recognised by others from the point of view of European homologation.
  • Excellent scientific quality. To achieve excellent levels of scientific quality and productivity (RDI) that make a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge and regional development in all spheres. Also, to achieve a competitive level on an international scale, particularly in the fields of priority research.
  • To achieve an effective and efficient organisation. To continuously direct the University management and administration towards teaching and research goals