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The mission of the URV is to place knowledge at the service of society. This mission is implemented in four key ways:

  • By generating maximum added value to people’s skills throughout their lives.
  • By making a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge and its transfer to society.
  • By promoting the transformation and socio-economic development of the region and society.
  • By becoming a flexible and versatile organisation oriented towards innovation and providing users with a service.

The first step to obtaining the desired level of quality is to establish the starting point of the institution and the point it wants to reach. For this reason, the URV defined its mission, vision of the future and objectives in its Strategic Plan for Quality. Then, in accordance with this definition, it carried out the actions and implemented the quality monitoring mechanisms that made it possible to achieve the established objectives. You will find a summary of the actions in URV Quality Report 2006-20010.