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Sergio Nasarre

  • Director of the URV’s Chair of Housing
  • Member of the group responsible for drafting the State Housing Plan 2013-2016

Sergio Nasarre

Sergio Nasarre

Sergio Nasarre (Tarragona, 1974), professor of Civil Law at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili and Acting Judge at the Provincial Court of Tarragona, is a member of the group responsible for drafting the State Housing Plan 2013-2016. The group aims to draw up the basic lines of housing policy in Spain for the coming years and depends on the  General Directorate for Architecture, Housing and Land (Ministry of Public Works and Transport), directed by Pilar Martínez López.

He has been the director of the URV's Chair of Housing since it was set up on 11 July 2013, the aim of which is to provide a platform for research, teaching and knowledge transfer in the field of housing from an interdisciplinary and international perspective. It is the first one of this nature in Catalonia and one of the first in all Spain.

Sergio Nasarre is a member of several nationally and internationally funded research groups, among which are the TENLAW project on rents in Europe, a second project on evictions and homelessness for the European Commission, and a third on the transnational purchase of property for the European Parliament. He also holds a European Doctorate in Law and a Master's Degree in Property Economics from the University of Cambridge and since 2008 has been a corresponding member of the Spanish Royal Academy for Jurisprudence and Legislation. Often called as an expert on issues of housing and the mortgage market both by the Parliament of Catalonia and the European Commission, he has been awarded the ICREA prize for the period 2016 to 2020.

He has been the author several books, one of which is The Guarantee of Mortgage-Backed Securities, coordinated various collections and written more than 80 scientific studies that have been published in Spain, Germany, the United States and Switzerland, among other countries. He has given over 100 lectures in 15 different countries.

His research spans a wide range of fields, among which are property and land law, the mortgage market, tort law and housing.

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