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The people who make up the URV 2015


To provide society in general and the university community in particular with a comprehensive overview of the URV's activities, in this report we analyse our personnel - our teaching and research staff (PDI) and our administration and services staff (PAS) - by focusing on numerous items that provide important information about all the members of staff that make up the URV.

Less extensive information than the data we present here was included in last year's report on efficacy and efficiency in the use of resources. However, this is the first time we have presented a specific report of this nature. Bearing in mind that our people are our University's main asset, we have drafted this more specific document in order to complement our reports on the URV's activities, training, research and third mission as well as our report on efficacy and efficiency.

This document is divided into five sections. The first section deals with all those individuals who have an employment link with the URV or the FURV. The second and third sections deal with all our members of PDI or PAS, i.e. the people who make up the URV. The data in these sections are almost always presented in full-time equivalents. For both PDI and PAS we include a series of data on the evolution of our personnel, including their composition, distribution by campus, gender and average remuneration, etc. The fourth section deals with the staff of the FURV (URV Foundation) and the collaborations generated by the Foundation's activities. Finally, the fifth section shows the URV's ranking within the Catalan public university system in the above items.

By this report we aim to demonstrate the robustness of the University by analysing the people who construct it on a daily basis. Despite the budgetary restrictions and the restrictions on contracting new staff that still affect us, we show that the URV has managed to preserve staff at a level that allows it to continue developing its teaching, research and knowledge transfer missions from a position of strength and in a way that enables it to uphold its commitment to society.

Josep Anton Ferré Vidal