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Report on Efficacy and Efficiency in the Use of Resources


This is the second URV report analysing the efficacy and efficiency of the University's resources for accomplishing the missions with which it is entrusted. A major difference between this and last year's report is that detailed information on the University's human capital is now the subject of a special report entitled The People Who Make Up The URV.

The first section of this report on efficacy and efficiency analyses the infrastructure available to the URV for conducting its activities and presents more extensive information on its buildings and campuses, spaces and fixed assets.
The second section provides information on the economic resources the URV obtains from its various sources of finance plus data on current expenditure and expenditure on staff and investments. This expenditure is categorised in terms of the resources allocated for teaching, research, and third mission activities. Once again the URV's commitment to its research mission is observed as the basis for quality in teaching. This second section also details the URV's management activities and highlights the URV's position in the ranking of Catalan public universities in the above items.

The third section provides a summary of the URV's income, expenditure and results, presents a table displaying the distribution of expenditure by activity, and shows several indicators of unitary costs for the University's teaching and research activities.

In summary, this report presents: an overview of the economic resources expended by the University in 2015; the uses to which these resources have been allocated (by type of expenditure); the results of the University's teaching and research activities; and indicators of efficacy and efficiency. It provides further information that will enable the URV to constantly improve its performance in its numerous missions and achieve an effective and efficient use of the resources that society has made available to it.

Josep Anton Ferré Vidal