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Geography Department

The Research Group on Territorial Analysis and Tourism Studies (GRATET) is part of the Department of Geography of the Rovira i Virgili University. Scientific research activities centre on the analysis of tourism and recreation in relation to landscape transformation, spatial organization and new forms of development at the local and regional scale. These investigations are carried taking as objects of study in Catalonia, the Mediterranean and, more recently, Latin America. Using new technologies and specific analysis tools such as GIS develops evaluation and simulation in order to offer services and tourism planning.

The group's research responds to some of the currently most important themes in geography and the social sciences. In particular includes:

  • The relationship between global dynamics and local responses and the consequent impacts on spatial competitiveness.
  • The role of new economic activities in the restructuring of industrial production.
  • Debates on the social, economic and cultural reorganization of spaces and effects on the natural environment and on local development.

The Research Group is on the whole map of research groups in Catalonia, as a Consolidated Research Group by the Research Directorate General of the regional Government of Catalonia, wihth code 2009-SG744.