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Geography Department


BA in Geography


Geography studies the relationships among the natural and social phenomena and their location in the territory. Geographers are concerned with giving accurate, orderly and rational explanations about the characteristics and changeable phenomena of the Earth, (physical or human type) and also about their interrelationships. Geography is a territorial science, a naturalistic and environmental discipline, and eminently social, with theorical aspects but applied and practical aspects too. Its interdisciplinary nature between the Natural and Human sciences is perfect for studying environmental and territorial management questions, and it reinforces widerly the capacity for understanding cultural, social and economic inequalities which are frequent nowadays. Moreover it increases the sensitivity in front of any kind of environmental issues and also the necessity of protecting nature.

Teaching of Geography at the URV


The BA of Geography at the URV has 300 credits (108 core, 102 compulsory, 60 optional and 30 free elective) in other words, 3000 lessons on theory and practices which can be done in 5 years, enrolling 60 credits per year. Studies are divided into two cycles. The first one, it is studied core and fundamental aspects of the BA, and the second, it is for specializing in concrete areas. (see Plan of Studies) 

  • Laboratory of Cartography and GIS (Geographic Information System) 
  • Cartoteca (in agreement with the Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya).
  • Cartography room
  • Weather station (in agreement with the Institut Nacional de Meteorologia).
Areas of exploration and research:

Environment, Demogeography, Climate Change, planning, Tourism, Rural Development, Geographic Information System.

Direct care to students:

The number of students provides a direct care from teachers and the optimization of resources and media available.

Complementary activities:
  • Courses, seminars, and organization of conferences.
  • Possibility of staying in national and international universities. 
  • Interships with public and private institutions.
  • Association of geographers and students from Tarragona GeoTarraco.
Access lines:
  • C.O.U. or High School and Selectivitat.
  • Tests access for over 25 years old.
  • Other degrees and former university qualifications with validation.