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Campus Sescelades
Marcel·li Domingo, s/n
43007 Tarragona
Servcies offered by EMaS

Due to the multidisciplinary activity of EMaS, we can offer a great number of services to industry and/or other research centers/groups:

  • Design of electronic, optoelectronic and otpic devices.
  • Electronic and optical characteriztion of devices.
  • Development of thecnology for micro and nanostructures fabrication.
  • Design of new materials: mechanic, electric, magnetic, optic, acoustic.
  • Characterization of materials: mechanical, electric, magnetic, optical, spectroscopic, crystallographic and acoustic.
  • Structuration of materials: micro and macrometric.
  • Development of optic and photonic devices at micro and macrometric scales.
  • Prepartion of nanostructured layers of metaalic oxides (nanoparticles, nanowires, nanocolums) by using sol-gel or aerosol or anodization assited CVD techniques.
  • Development of gas sensor devices based on nanostrucutred metallic oxides and/or carbon nanowires.
  • Development of sensor/pre-concentrator microsystems.
  • Characterization (morphologic, compositional, electrical of materials and developed devices.
  • Quimiometric techniques for multisensor systems.
  • Advanced signal processing to enhace the sensibility and specificity of the multisensor systems.
  • Development of applications of gas cesus.
  • Aplication of ionic líquids suported in fine chemistry synthesis.
  • Catalytic conversion of methanol into light olefins in supercritical conditions.
  • Selective conversion of halogeneous organic compounds.
  • Development of new catalytic materials to be applied in VOC's sensors.
  • Elimination of nitrates / nitrites / ammonium in aqueous phase.
  • Epoxidation of gas and liquid state styrene.
  • Selective epoxidation of gas-state olefines with air as oxidant agent.
  • Selective epoxidation of liquid-state olefines with H2O2 as oxidant agent.
  • Catalytic partial hidrogenation and deshidrogenation of poliolefines.
  • Hidrogenation of styrene oxide.
  • Selective hidrogenation from mono to dinitriles.
  • Isomeritzation of terpenes.
  • New catalythic materials in fine chemsitry.
  • New hydrotalcite-type materials of controled basicity.
  • Advanced oxidations processes.
  • Synthesis of new catalythic materials from metallic nanoparticles.
  • Synthesis of inorganic materials by microwave technology.
  • Modelization of environmental flows in lakes, bays and coastlines.
  • Numerical simulation of dispersion of marine oil spills.
  • Atmospheric dispersion models.
  • Optimal localization of industrial chimneys.
  • Measurement, modelization and simulation of industrial reactive flows.
  • Modelization and simulation of industrial flows.
  • Modelization of open channel flows.
  • Prediction of electric and thermal fields in printed circuit boards.
  • Prediction of the thermal and flow fields in electric and electronic equipment.
  • Software Development.
  • Data analysis.