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Applus+ IDIADA

Activitat de l'empresa

Applus+IDIADA is one of the largest engineering companyies in Europe devoted to design, testing, engineering and homologation for the Automotive industry worldwide. A large team of more than 2000 engineers drawn offices in 23 countries, as well as an International netxork of subsidiàries and branch offices in 23 countries ensure clients will be given fast and customized services. IDIADA is currently undergoing a period of expansion and looking for Young engineer willing to start a career in the Automotive sector.

In continual expansion, Applus IDIADA is in the Automobilwoche ranking of the top 25 engineering companies around the world, in 14th position and we have been climbing since we were listed for the first time in 2008.

Localització geogràfica

Madrid, Vigo, Barcelona, Granada, Mojacar (Spain), France, Germany, Italy, UK, Czech Republic, Poland, South Africa, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Thailand Arabia Saudi and USA

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Perfils professionals sol·licitats

We are seeking Engineers with a technical or higher degree in Engineering, specialized in mechanics, electronics, organization or similar.

Sistema de captació de candidats i processos de selecció

The recruitment processes includes an English level test, a personal interview with the recruitment manager and a personal interview with the manager of the department with the job vacancy. If the candidate speaks other languages, there will also be a level test in these languages.


Engineering by doing is an innovative 6 to 12 month program specially designed to give you real-world training in the sector.

Applus IDIADA offers you the opportunity to grow in a multidisciplinary environment worldwide, building relationships around the world. We are committed to enriching the lives of people around the world by enhancing their professional careers.

You will develop competencies such as team working, client orientation, proactiveness and passion for work well done.

If you are a young undergraduate engineer looking to get experience in a leading company in the automotive sector the Applus IDIADA's Engineering by doing program is the perfect choice.You will have the chance to work in one of our engineering teams specializing either in passive safety, vehicle dynamics, brakes, powertrain, NVH, electronics, durability or design engineering.