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En els següents enllaços podeu trobar ofertes per a realitzar mobilitats dins el marc de les xarxes internacionals de les quals la URV és membre:



  • UNPAR International Student Conference on Global Citizenship (Bali) 2017, organized annually by Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (UNPAR), International Student Conference on Global Citizenship brings together students from Indonesia as well as international students to explore issues of global relevance with the goal of increasing a sense of responsibility as global citizens. Participants are engaged in a series of lectures, have opportunities to express their feelings and share their thoughts in site visits, and are introduced to Indonesian culture                                   
  • The INU Student Seminar on Global Citizenship and Peace is a unique immersion program offered at Hiroshima University. The seminar is structured around the August 6 commemoration of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
  • The Researcher Mobility Program allows Ph.D. candidates and/or pre-tenured faculty within the INU network to engage in research at an INU partner university.  Currently available research opportunities are listed below.                                     

Other opportunities with INU


  • The Researcher Mobility Program allows Ph.D. candidates and/or pre-tenured faculty within the INU network to engage in research at an INU partner university.  Currently available research opportunities are listed on the website.
  • The INU Staff Shadowing Program aims to strengthen the links between members by providing opportunities to administrative staff to visit, study, discuss, and benchmark administration and governance systems across the network. Through the visits, both the sending and the hosting universities benefit from the sharing of best practices. Through the program, staff members spend one or two weeks with one or two different INU partners, during which the staff member gets to "shadow" a colleague at the hosting universities.
  • INU's Professional Staff Training. Organized every other year, it provides an opportunity for member universities' staff to participate in active learning about best practices in student affairs and administration. Participants engage in workshops, networking, presentations, and cultural events. The aim is active involvement in planning and carrying out the training by both visiting and host staff. INU members determine the theme of the training based on their interests.
  • Participation in Council meetings.



  • Participation in projects and meetings.
  • STEP: The SGroup Erasmus Training Exchange Programme STEP at International Offices is a placement programme addressed to students from our member universities.  The main objectives of the STEP Programme are to give students the opportunity to learn how an IRO works on a daily basis and reinforce the existing links between the International Relations Office, leading to a more diversified offer in terms of future co-operation.  The application process is ongoing, so you may send your offers and/or applications to the Secretariat(ELIMINAR) when appropriate.


  • Berkeley: The agreement with the University of California allows 8 top SG students to study in Berkeley for one semester. The exchange programme is open to graduate students and for all the areas except: The UC Berkeley School of Law, The Haas School of Business, The Berkeley Graduate School of Journalisms. 
  • Seminaris, conferències i altres activitats que organitza, de les quals en fem difusió puntualment.



  • Redes de Investigación: Una de las mejores formas de contribuir al desarrollo del postgrado es fomentar la cooperación en investigación entre nuestras instituciones. Para ello, la AUIP ha iniciado una nueva línea de actuación, con un plan de apoyo a la cooperación entre nuestros investigadores, cuyo primer objetivo es la creación de Redes Iberoamericanas de Investigación.


  • Misiones técnicas: Las Misiones Técnicas son acciones de consultoría y asesoría que la AUIP tiene ya establecidas y que pone a disposición de las instituciones asociadas con el fin de que éstas puedan recibir asesoramiento o ayuda para resolver problemas que hayan detectado en su oferta global de postgrado.



EAIE: assistència a conferència anual i a Academies (2 per any).

EUA: assistència a Annual Conference