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ASTERISC. Communication Research Group

Both regarding advertising and public relations as well as journalism and audiovisual communication, the profile of our group is focused on preferential lines such as the risk communication, the political communication, the institutional communication or the corporate communication.

All these thematic areas are crossed by qualitative methodologies of communicative evaluation that place the audience as the real protagonist of communication and information processes.
In all the areas of research the activities of the group are guided by the application of methodological qualitative approaches that emphasize innovation and transversality.

Enric Castelló and Laia Quílez receive two grants for research stays abroad during 2015.

New book: Cartografías del 23-F. Representaciones en la prensa, la televisión, la novela, el cine y la cultura popular [Mapping 23F. Representations in media, fiction, cinema and popular culture]. Further info here.

Two new projects aproved within the National Research Framework 2013-2016, lead by Arantxa Capdevila and Laia Quílez, respectively. 

Renewal of the recognition of ASTERISC as a consolidated research group by Generalitat de Catalunya.

URV-Repsol International Chair for Excellence in Communication participates in the campaing "Som la pera", in the framework of the European project EYTO

New WORKSHOP COMMUNICATING FOOD FOR HEALTH BENEFITS, 8 & 9 November 2012. Campus Catalunya URV. TARRAGONA. Registration

Renewal of the URV-Repsol Chair for Excellence in Communication from 2011 to 2013

Member of the consortium for the 7FP project: FOODRISK
Project description: aquí


Iolanda Tortajada (Coordinator)
     Àngels Galtés (Research Support Staff)

Av. Catalunya, 35. 43002 Tarragona (Spain)

34 977 558 532



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